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Field engineer tracking

 Tracking your field engineers gives you viability of your engineer, get precise location to help with lone working, minimise billing issues and also a cost effective way to ensure you maximise your ratio on individual engineers. You can set up geofencing and also track in real time. 

We offer a free basic support service but this is limited to issues within the crm.
We also offer a dedicated support service for more sophisticated and personal issues you experience 
Customisation support
Need help customising your CRM we can help our expert team can help you in customising your CRM, if its new feilds to more complex automation
Contractor accounts
Have contractors on the books, sick of not being in synch and having extra paperwork well our dedicated contractors account gives you real time data from contractors and ensures you can keep jobs updated also you can integrate our tracking software to maximise job completion.
Keep an eye of your marketing in one place helping maximising campaign efficency
Invoice you clients with ease and without any issues
Do you have a lead well this module will help you keep on top of your leads and also help create new ones
Need to quote work this module helps you do this and pre set services and products make it easier than ever
Turn your leads into an opportunity and keep the sales funnel open
Keep all you products in one place and you can add them to invoices and quotes plus other modules
Keep all the services you offer in one place and you can add them to additional modules
Tired of answering the same question well this module lets you answer them questions without your intervention
Keep you vendors all in one place, keep all there info in once place helping keep track of your accounts
Service Contracts
All your service contracts with your clients all in one place don't forget this is fully customisable
Ticket systems help keep track of all yor issues from staff to customers also our ticket system has multi options available
Your business have assets or you look after your clients assets this module is the one for you
Keep all your contacts in one place without the hassle of forgetting who they are
Human resources
HR is very important and if you have staff or any issues regarding staff this module is here to hep you
Keep all your clients in one place and keep there business in check
Make sure your paying you staff correctly and they are working the correct hours this module will automatically add you total working week
GDPR is the most important data regulation you must ensure you follow properly this module helps you do this
Holiday request
Employees need a break and by law they are required holidays so this module lets them book the correct holiday
Customer Checklist
A simple checklist to gather as much information regarding any visit you carry out also includes COVID 19 information
PDF maker
You can create your own pdf with certain modules and set it out your way
Project tasks
You have jobs to carry out works you can link tasks to projects also we have a template for your project tasks
Vehicle Checklist
Do you have company vehicles or pay for vehicles well keeping correct information on damage will help you keep your vehicles on the road and looking the part for your company
Quick reminders
You get instant notification for all your records
Multi users
You can assign more than one user to any speciifc project task
Boiler Survey
Do you carry out Heating or plumbing works this module gives you a greate template for boiler surveys
This module helps with any project you are starting
Engineers can add comments to most records to help with record keeping