No you pay every month and can cancel anytime but please read the terms and conditions for the full details of this
Definitely not what you pay per month per user is clearly stated and will not be changed but again please read our terms and conditions for further details
Well that's easy if it's 1 person or 50 we can help you
Well that's true most companies use apps but what they forget to tell you is apps are big very buggy and drain your battery
That's simple we don't have one we use our website which you can access from any device anywhere all you need is Internet access
Well our crm is hosted through our server and to make it easier for you we host your crm through our server
No and that's a big no every crm is individual and we don't do any sharing
Of course our crm is ssl protected as standard
Simple it costs money so we use email and ticket systems keeping these costs down means more affordable for you