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Field engineer tracking

Tracking your field engineers gives you the visibility of your engineer, gets a precise location to help with lone working, minimizes billing issues and is also a cost-effective way to ensure you maximize your ratio on individual engineers. You can set up geofencing and also track in real-time.

Easy Customization

Themes comes customizer to customize everything you needed, logo, colors, layout, social profiles and much more.

Incredible Support

Need help customising your CRM we can help our expert team can help you in customising your CRM, if its new feilds to more complex automation

About us

We here at CSUK crm thrive of advancing SME internal systems within the Facilities Management sector and also to help with automating and maximising your business. We are also your strategic partner in pushing your business to the next level and being with you every step. We are TOGETHER TOWARDS TOMMOROW.